We all know that Logic is a gifted lyricist but here’s something you may not know about the Maryland native. He can solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Not only can the “All I Do” rapper solve the popular ‘90s toy puzzle, he can do it under one minute. XXL wanted to witness Logic really do the deed and he obliged them. He's fast and he did it without even flubbing. It's pretty impressive.

Apparently, Logic performs this amazing trick during soundcheck when he’s on tour. The rapper wouldn’t divulge the logic in solving the puzzle but let’s just say it requires lots and lots of practice.

Speaking of tours, Logic is currently on the European leg of his Under Pressure Tour. The self-proclaimed Frank Sinatra of Rap will hit a several venues in Germany next week before he returns to the states.

As for what he plans to bring on his second album, he hopes to deliver “big strong records" that fill arenas and not small clubs.

"One day I will be in stadiums," he explains to BET. "I’m so happy, like it’s f---in’ weird man. Seeing so many people know my songs, that s--- is crazy as f---. But I wanna go to the Greek, and then Staples one day, and that will happen if I make music to be able to perform in those situations, like Foo Fighters, and like [Kanye] and like Beyonce. Just incredible huge music that’s grand and that’s a soundtrack for people’s lives."

Logic's latest album, Under Pressure, is available on iTunes now.

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