Lloyd is no stranger to the rap assist. Lil Wayne, Ja Rule, Nas and more recently 50 Cent are some of the big name MCs featured on the R&B crooner's tracks. On his latest single, 'Be the One,' Lloyd adds another rapper to his roster, Young Jeezy, marking their first collaboration together.

'Be the One' is the third single off Lloyd's fourth studio album, 'King of Hearts,' set for release on July 5. Like the previous album cut 'Lay It Down,' the new track is also produced by Polow Da Don and features fellow R&B crooner Trey Songz on the second verse before Jeezy pipes in and changes things up. The track has all the makings of a summer hit as Lloyd will undoubtedly catch the attention of ladies as he sings, "I want to be the one to kiss you goodnight."

"It's not fair for me to be put in a box," Lloyd told the Boombox earlier this year about his new rapping recruits on 'King of Hearts.' "... This year is about building bridges and not burning them." 50 cent appears on the other previously released 'King of Hearts' single 'Lets Get It In.'

As for working with Polow, who produced a majority of the album, Lloyd says the producer challenged his voice. "To have somebody in the studio who is constantly pushing me and always demanding more of me vocally is great."

Listen to Lloyd's 'Be the One'

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