Singer Lloyd ranks his working relationship with producer Polow Da Don amongst the best partnerships of all time."In my opinion, and this is a bold statement, but it's like Michael and Quincy, it's like Justin and Timbaland, Usher and Jermaine," Lloyd told MTV. "It's that consistency that you can only find from really finding the right chemistry with the right person. As an artist, I can speak for everyone when I say chemistry is a big, big part of success." Glad you guys have such good chemistry, but Mike and Quincy took home 11 Grammys and sold like 150 million albums no. [MTV]

Apparently James Gandofini is attempting to move away from his "athletic" roles of the past. "Mostly it's not a lot of that stuff anymore with shooting and killing and dying and blood," the actor said of his role in the new drama 'Welcome to the Rileys.' "I'm getting a little older, you know. The running and the jumping and killing, it's a little past me." Tony Soprano never ran, yo. [NYT]

Justin Bieber stole one of his lines, but "popular" Canadian rapper Tory Lanez just smirks. "I have such a fan base in Canada that people were hitting me and asking 'Did you know that Justin Bieber took your line?' I kinda laughed and smirked at it." Cool story, bro. [MTV]

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