In the lab with Dr Dre. [The Pharmacy #Beats1 Apple Music Director: Rashidi Natara Harper]

Posted by LL Cool J on Thursday, March 10, 2016

If you think LL Cool J can’t spit fiery rhymes anymore, guess again. The veteran rhyme-slinger treated fans with a video of him rapping over a beat by his good friend Dr. Dre.

On Thursday (March 10), the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. shared a Beats 1 radio ad of him in the lab with the good doctor. Over a charging beat, LL reminds us that he’s still hard as hell.

“LL spits daggers, it’s the new Mick Jagger / Career body-bagger, the platinum flow toe-tagger,” he raps, adding, “Never in your motherf---ing life has a n---- been close to the G.O.A.T. on this mic, damn right.”

LL closes with “It’s too easy, I do this s--- for show / The G.O.A.T. can’t live without my Beats 1 radio.”

Props to LL for breaking out the pad and pen and jotting his ideas on paper. Although he looks at his lyric sheets from time to time, it appears that some of his rhymes were off the dome.

The video should also remind fans of the duo’s previous collaborative track, “Zoom.” Released in 1998, the song is infamous for LL’s warning shot to a hungry rapper named Canibus, who threatened to rip LL’s microphone tattoo off his arm. Subsequently, a rap feud popped off between two MCs and LL was the victor in that heated beef.

Historic feuds aside, watch LL Cool J’s blistering freestyle over Dre’s chaotic beat in the video above.

Watch Dr. Dre & LL Cool J's "Zoom" Video

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