U.K. rhymer Little Simz is returning to the rap game with her second album titled Stillness In Wonderland, which arrives on Friday (Dec. 16). But before the project hits online stores, the British rapper released a new single called “Poison Ivy.”

Produced by SHE, the minimalist track boasts wailing guitars and bongo drums. On the song, Bars Simzson raps emotional rhymes about a toxic relationship that is bad is for her but she can’t seem to resist staying in it.

"Maybe this is all in my in my head / Now I got your thoughts in my head / Tryin give you mine though instead / Don't be so indecisive oh we said / Go with the flow and vibe is what you said / Be gentle with my heart is yeah I say / Then we fuss and fight til we bled / Don't be so insecure, oh he says / I'll be yours for sure, oh he says / Make me a better person I will say / In your eyes all I see is red," she spits.

In addition to the song, the 22-year-old London native is also working on a comic book called Welcome To Wonderland, which is penned by Eddie 'Versetti' Smith and features illustrations from McKay Felt. Simz is also planning a live U.K. festival that she hopes to launch in February 2017.

You can currently see Simz doing the diddy bop with her best friend Kehlani in the joyful "Table" video. Check out the Little Simz's song below.

Listen to Little Simz's Song "Poison Ivy" Feat. Tilla