Nearly 60 people piled into NeueHouse's cozy basement in New York City on Thursday night (Oct. 15) to see a dead body. Well, to see British rapper Little Simz perform one of her signature songs, "Dead Body." But more on that later.

Any other crowd would have naturally grown antsy as nearly an hour passed after the 21-year-old rhymer was scheduled to take the stage for the intimate event. But, as the DJ mixed trance and trap music, the energy was chill, yet the crowd was ready to turn up at a moment's notice.

Then, a little after 9 p.m., there came movement. She was here. Simz and her team went to a side room to prep. The air was sizzling with anticipation. Even the slightest little move was cause for applause including seeing a brief glimpse of Simz or having her DJ and manager, Eddie, take over the booth.

Before she hit the stage, Simz's fans sat around the dimly lit basement on comfy modern couches, while others sat on the floor. But, now, everyone was up on their feet.

At 9:20 p.m., it was time for the show to begin. "Let's go," said Eddie.

"New York make some f---in' noise," screamed Simz.

"Persons" was the first song of the night before the young artist went into a medley of her old songs. She had 40 minutes and a ton of fan favorites to get through. Then, about halfway through the set, the North London rhymer, whose dropped eight mixtapes since 2013, started performing songs off her debut album, A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons. The project takes on the themes of inspiration and love.

"This is my story, wait, nah / This is our story, this is our fate," she rhymes in "Wings," an inspirational song about life. "For a long time I thought that praying was just asking for things / Like the road to riches and diamond rings / But now I know that I just gotta be thankful / Blessings every day, s---, I've got my hands full."

It wasn't long before the hour was up. "This is my last song," she said before giving the crowd three more tunes. One of which seemed to be the most anticipated. "Turn up! We want to see a dead body!" screamed a crowd member. Another fan further back in the crowd repeated what would seem to be an odd request -- if you're not familiar with Little Simz's repertoire. She turned to her DJ and shrugged in acceptance.

"So you wanna see a dead body?" she delivers on "Dead Body." The crowd continued to get hype, jumping up and down and moving about like Crime Mob's "Knuck If You Buck" was playing -- but instead if was one of Simz's bangers, "Devour."

After the show, she stopped with every fan to sign albums, take pictures or just talk. After all, she did travel for nine hours to see them.

All in all, there was something special about the intimate concert and Little Simz felt it.

"It just gave me a chance to really like connect with the people that have kind of been supporting me from day one. And I love that. Sometimes when you do the bigger shows and stuff it kind of feels like you're so far away from the people," Little Simz told The Boombox. "I'm happy that with this time being here I was able to do an intimate performance and just really feel them and just feel like we're friends and we're just on a night out."

And that's exactly how it was.

Check out how Little Simz vibed with New York City below.