Prince’s death still remains a mystery for his family, friends, and global fanbase. But a week after he was found unresponsive on Thursday (April 21) the enigmatic singer has been thrust into the spotlight as people share their favorite Prince stories. Grammy Award-winning singer Lionel Richie recently shared a Prince story many music enthusiasts have been wondering for decades. Why didn’t the Purple One appear on the 1985 charity song “We Are the World,” which Richie co-wrote with Michael Jackson?

According to Richie. Prince wasn’t on the classic, because ‘that’ just Prince.’ “I mean, I sat on the phone with him for the longest time,” Richie told Access Hollywood. “I said, ‘Prince, we’re all down (here) waiting on you.’ He says, ‘Can I do it in a separate room?’ ‘Okay, I’ll call you back later.’

“I would love to tell you that that’s different from anything else he’s ever done,” Richie continued. “That’s just Prince. Of course he’s not going to be at a group of singers at the time when we want him to show up.”

In Alan Light's book Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain, Wendy Melvoin, longtime Prince affiliate and former member of the Revolution, gave another reason for why the Purple One didn't make it to the famous singalong.

“He felt like the song was horrible,” she said. “And he didn’t want to be around ‘all those muthaf---as.”

Prince was cremated on Sunday. Authorities are continuing to investigate is death.

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