After releasing their self-titled debut EP last December, Lion Babe are causing a buzz with their electronic soul sound and now they're back with a new video for "Wonder Woman."

Starting in the middle of an open field, the visual finds singer Jillian Harvey crawling around some silvery balls in a nature setting before she heads to space. There, she's an intergalactic '70s super hero, complete with platform boots so high we're wondering how she can really stand with such grace.

As Jillian sings and dances, her musical collaborator and producer Lucas Goodman is behind the keys providing the beats. What makes this video even more trippy is the kaleidoscope-like visuals reminiscent of the opening credits to a James Bond movie.

"Wonder Woman" is produced by Pharrell Williams, and we even hear a few outbursts from him layered over the spacey production. Meanwhile, Jillian, who is Vanessa Williams' daughter, not only shows off her fit physique and stellar choreography, but she also lays out her Erykah Badu-esque vocals and sings about being a strong and powerful woman. Clearly talent runs strongly through that blood line.

Their self-titled EP is out and is available on iTunes now. Watch the colorful clip above.

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