In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week Lil Wayne lets his fans know he's a freeman after an eight month bid on Rikers Island and R&B singer Mario finds redemption weeks after his mom files assault charges against him. Meanwhile, Kanye West still has a big ego and his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, isn't happy about what DJ Funkmaster Flex said about her in an recent interview. And lastly, in a drunken twitter rant, Hip-Hop's favorite chick to hate Kat Stacks discusses the outcome of her recent escapade with Soulja Boy.

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1. @liltunechi (Lil Wayne): aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk

2. @MarioSoulTruth (Mario): Glad to finally be vindicated and I wanna thank everybody who believe in me. LUV!

3. @kanyewest (Kanye West): I am always misspell genius! The irony!

4. @darealamberrose (Amber Rose): It really hurts my feelings that @Funkmasterflex feels that way about me he was one of my favorite DJ's . One question @funkmasterflex how am I a hoe when I was in a RELATIONSHIP for 2 years with a man that I loved??? Someone gave u ur start at hot 97 right? @funkmasterflex did u hire yourself? No u didn't. Life is a blessing this was handed to me! I have oppourtunitites @funkmasterflex to do great things and hell ppl why wuld u hate on that? God bless @funkmasterflex hope u could put urself in my shoes before u are so judge mental next time.

5. @ihatekatstacks (Kat Stacks): I'm not dfrunk ok b*tch I'm having @SouljaBoy baby ik hgoi