Kanye West has never been afraid to extend his shine to some of the most creative people in music, fashion, art, design, film, athletics and literature. In fact, he loves all mediums of art to such an extent that fans have picked up some great recommendations from Ye's extensive catalogue of favorites (aka his blog) at any given moment. Last Wednesday, he took to Twitter to name his list of the coolest creative people in the world.

"Who do you think the coolest famous creative people are?," Kanye asked of his followers before submitting his list. "Sade, Ali, Johnny Depp, Ralph Lauren, Sean Penn, Mos Def, Lil Wayne, Angelina Jolie, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Ellen, Spike Jonze and M.I.A," he wrote before adding Quincy Jones as his final entry.

Lucky for Yeezy, he's gotten the opportunity to collaborate with many of his favorites. Mos Def is a longtime friend and has graced West's beats ever since he dropped his debut 'College Dropout.' Both Wayne and M.I.A. have also hit the studio with Kanye over the years, while Ali has provided inspiration on recent tracks such as the remix to 'Power' where Jay-Z references his famous "Rumble, young man, rumble" quotation. Spike Jonze has directed a few Kanye videos, including the amazing 'Flashing Lights,' and Thom Yorke has been a favorite for years (even if he once famously snubbed Yeezy when they encountered each other backstage at the Grammys).

"I know this is an ironically uncool thing to state but this might have been one of the best questions in Twitter history lol!" concluded West after the meme had run its course.

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