This current trend of creating sequels to beloved classics is getting a little out of hand. Talking to Sway about some recent work with Eminem, Swizz Beatz revealed that he had prepped a single for Em's 'Relapse' album called 'Stan 2' that was rejected by the Detroit rapper. That's a smart move by Shady to not to mess with a classic, but Swizz thought the beat was great and has repurposed the idea for a Lil Wayne collaboration entitled 'Anne' that will appear on his upcoming 'Haute Living' album.

"There was a lot of controversy over this before," explained Swizzy. "The Eminem album before ['Recovery'], 'Relapse,' I submitted a beat to him called 'Stan 2.' When I was doing an interview and they said, 'What you working on?' [Em] was amongst the people in the lineup I submitted things for. I said, 'I did a track for Eminem called 'Stan 2.' So it got out of hand in the media. He didn't want to do 'Stan 2.' But what I have on my album is a song called 'Anne' with Wayne, which is crazy."

Apparently, the track will find Wayne addressing 'Anne,' who is presumably a girlfriend or someone touched by the original tale of Stan. Of course, in Em's classic track, a fan named Stan writes increasingly dramatic and violent letters until the rapper finally writes back and discovers his suicide at the end of the song.

"To connect the story of what we saying with Snoop, taking something that people remember and putting them in that time and taking it to the next level, the way that Wayne tells Anne he's sorry what happened to Stan," said Swizz. "The album is crazy."