New Yorkers may have to travel if they want to see Lil Wayne perform live.

The Young Money boss was released from Rikers Island in November, after serving 8 months on a gun charge that he caught after his New York debut at the Beacon Theater in 2007 with Ja Rule. Following his incarceration, Wayne taped two performances in NYC, NBC's 'New Years Eve with Carson Daly,' and 'Saturday Night Live' with Eminem. Unfortunately, when it comes to live concerts, it's a wrap for the Big Apple, according to Weezy's recent interview with Rolling Stone.

"They'd have to give me U2 money," the rapper quipped.

In the meantime, once his highly-anticipated album 'Tha Carter IV' is finished, Wayne has revealed that he'll be taking it easy, planning a vacation in Santorini, Hawaii or California's Napa Valley. "Your phone doesn't work," Weezy said regarding his interest in a trip to California's scenic wine country, recommended to him by Young Money protege Drake. "I heard it's a very relaxing place."

Meanwhile, never fear, NY fans -- you can always go to Jersey to see Wayne (sorry).

Watch Lil Wayne's 'Drop the World' feat. Eminem

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