After hitting us with the high-energy video for “Sausage,” Lil Mama is back with a new song called “Too Fly.” Unfortunately, some of her lyrics on the track have people accusing her of trying to throw Nicki Minaj under the bus.

Over the 45 King’s classic breakbeat, “900 Number," made popular by DJ Kool, Mama spits rhymes about being too fly for the haters. In one line, it appears that the "Lip Gloss" rapper throws shaded at Queen Barbz.

“If I was born in Trini and moved to the states, with the rage I make I would have got deported,” she raps. "I should punch you in your face for making me grandma / With all these sons and uncle grandpas / And the stunts you be pulling like you bloody, bloody mad / ’Til I smack you in the face while I’m writing these anthems."

For those who don't know, Minaj was born in Trinidad and moved to Queens, N.Y., at a young age.

Fans of The Pinkprint creator weren't too pleased with the lyrics they claim are a diss. "Your career is over and trying to drag Nicki wont revive it sis. You're a one-hit wonder not a trend setter. You wont be remembered," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Lil Mama, born Niatia Kirkland, isn't letting the haters ruin her shine. She went on her Instagram account to inform her detractors that she won't be stopped.

"When will You Learn You can't Stop Me At All, if You Foul The More Shots Ima Call And I Bounce Back Like Basketball You Can't Keep A Good Man Down For Long," she writes.

Check out the slander from Nicki Minaj's fans and Lil Mama's response below.

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