Lil Mama is the internet's newest victim. The rapper is the subject of a hilarious meme that is taking the internet by storm -- and she's in on the joke.

After a 2011 interview she did with Power 105's The Breakfast Club resurfaced, someone took a screenshot of the "Sausage" rapper crying to kickstart the meme.

During the original conversation, Lil Mama was tearing up while discussing her mother's death -- the New York native put out an album at 17 while her mother was dying from colon cancer in 2007. "That right there is a struggle. That's hard," she said. "My mother would be proud. My father would be proud at the end of the day and nobody can stop me."

Although it seems cruel to laugh at the screenshot, the person who runs the Twitter page Lil Mama Crying said there is no ill will toward the rapper. "No ones making fun of Lil Mama... The reason the picture is funny is because the situation that goes with it in each tweet makes it funny...," the tweet pinned to the top of the page reads.

Lil Mama is being a good sport about it all and reposted one of the memes to her Instagram page, which you can check out below.

Other memes have capitalized on the sad turn of events people have to deal with in relationships and life. "When your hotline finally bling but it's your phone company telling you used your data for the month," reads one. "When you text him "Hey bae" and he reply 'What's up friend'," posts another.

Get in on the joke below.

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