After emerging victorious in a recent challenge on Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Atlanta "entertainer extraordinaire" Lil Jon donated his $40,000 in winnings to a children's home in Decatur, Ga.

Supported by disgruntled actor Gary Busey and former baseball star Jose Canseco, the King of Crunk led team Backbone to victory over their female opponents, which included Dionne Warwick, Star Jones and LaToya Jackson, in the fourth episode of NBC's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Challenged to produce a 30-second advertising spot for ACN videophone and present it to the company's large army of sales reps, the competition was familiar territory for Lil Jon, who has starred in and directed dozens of videos.

As project manager for his team, Jon received $20,000 from Trump for his charity of choice, a figure that the tech company ACN matched, earning $40,000 for the United Methodist Children's Home.

"I have a sister and a brother who were foster kids," Jon said of his decision to donate to the United Methodist Children's Home. "My mother ended up adopting them. I feel children shouldn't have to suffer for faults of adults."

Unfortunately, Dionne Warwick did not survive the contest, and was summarily fired for her non-committal attitude.

Watch Lil Jon's 'Hey' feat. 3OH!3
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