Lauryn Hill's daughter Selah Marley just delved into the music world with a beautifully crafted song called "Breathe," which shows the 18-year-old's natural singing ability.

For years now, Selah has carved out a very successful modeling career, but she was reluctant to make music because her mother is such a beloved artist.

"I was aware of the pressure of my mom and not just my mom but my entire family," said Selah while speaking to W magazine. "I was very aware of that reality, so it was almost this inferiority complex. I was scared of [music] because I never thought it matched up ... Sometimes I think about, 'What if I'm not the person everyone idealizes me to be? Maybe I'm just a regular old Joe. What if I can't live up to all these expectations? Maybe I'm just not who they think I am or who they want me to be.'"

"Breathe," produced by Kyle Provencio Reingold, also features the rapper IDKHIM and it could be the start of Selah being known primarily for her songs.

As for feeling the need to match up to her family's musical legacy, whether on the Hill or Marley side, the talented teen said her mother gives her wonderful encouragement.

"She actually texted me the other day about that," said Selah. "She said 'Selah, you are enough. You don't have to be some guru or No. 1 Grammy [winner].' That meant a lot to me me. With my mom there is [two sides], because on one side you're my mom and on the other you're Lauryn Hill. It's cool because at the end of the day I have someone who understands."

You can check out "Breathe" below.

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