Lauryn Hill said goodbye to her 4x4 living space last week after serving three months in jail for tax evasion, but part of her release required she adhere to a three-month home detention stay. But now that Lauryn's dropped a new single ('Consumerism'), she's ready to take her act on the road and the judge has agreed to let her.

The former Fugees singer plans to go on tour beginning Nov. 15, reports TMZ. And she plans to wrap up her re-introduction to the public as a free woman just in time to ring in the New Year on Dec. 31. To do so, Hill requested that the judge let her postpone her home detention until after her tour, and surprisingly he's consented — but not without laying down a few ground rules.

According to TMZ, the New Jersey-born MC "can now start signing on at specific venues for the concerts. But prison officials will still keep tabs on her — she'll have to run all the details — dates, cities, hotels — past her probation officer." But as soon as Jan. 1 hits, Lauryn will have to start 2014 on house arrest.