Since she arrived on the scene via the viral video for her brand-name blasting track 'Gucci Gucci,' Kreayshawn's style has been both adored and abhorred. But the East Oakland, Calif. native, who scored a lucrative recording contract earlier this year with Columbia Records and Sony Entertainment, could care less what people think about her fashion sense; she's a free spirit when it comes to her attire.

"I dress myself, I'm anti-stylist," Kreayshawn explains. "With the 'Gucci Gucci' video, me and my sister, we went out to like a whole bunch of thrift stores, 'cause that's all I had. I never really had money to buy clothes so what I would do is just, like, go to thrift stores and buy shirts and cut 'em up and stuff like that."

The 21-year-old rhymer and former film student is used to doing things like selecting a wardrobe on the fly. She helped to create the concept for the visuals to her famed track, 'Gucci Gucci,' within hours of standing in front of the camera.

"We thought of the video idea the day before the frickin' video was shot, so, you know," she continues, "It's just all natural."

Check out Kreayshawn's exclusive interview with The BoomBox here.

Watch Kreayshawn Speak on the Making of Her 'Gucci Gucci' Video

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