Kreayshawn's 'Gucci Gucci' turned her into an Internet sensation, and the music world is patiently waiting to find out whether she's worth all of the hype. The Oakland, Calif., native has yet to drop a follow-up track that has come close to the success of the aforementioned single, but according to producer-songwriter Jean Baptiste, she'll prove the naysayers wrong.

Baptiste has been working with the White Girl Mob rapper on her debut album and promises that the music will grab people's attention.

"I want to talk about how big this Kreayshawn album is going to be," he tells The BoomBox. "I'm doing the whole album. The sound is urgent and now. Don't judge her on one record; it's a bit of everything."

Over the last year, Kreayshawn's buzz has noticeably died down, but she's been keeping busy by touring, appearing in 2 Chainz new video and fending off beefs from one rapper after another. Since a little controversy never hurts, the 22-year-old has garnered attention for exposing a rift with fellow Bay Area native Lil B, sidestepping Twitter attacks from Azealia Banks and even navigating through a stormy disagreement with Rick Ross.

Last fall, Kreayshawn gave fans a preview of what's to come by way of the Snoop Dogg-assisted single 'Keep It Craccin.' Her debut album has no official release date.

Watch Kreayshawn's Video for 'Bumpin' Bumpin''

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Learn About the History of Rap

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