Harlem native Azealia Banks has been spitting rhymes for quite some time but the 20-year-old unsigned rapper isn't being pushed into the spotlight just for her playfully witty raps. She's engaged herself in a war of words with West Coast 'Gucci Gucci' creator Kreayshawn, which caught the eyes and ears of the hip-hop world Wednesday (Jan. 4).

Banks, known for her newly released track '212' and its accompanying video -- watch below -- felt snubbed by Kreayshawn when the tattooed rhymer retweeted a link to her '212' visuals. While it seems some miscommunication may have occurred, Banks went into defense mode and had some choice words for the White Girl Mob member.

"You think you're funny? You're a dumb bitch. And you can't rap. I'll sit on your face. ... Fall back slut," Banks wrote directly to Kreayshawn via Twitter.

Kreayshawn, who's signed to Columbia Records and is still working on her debut LP since becoming a major label artist in 2011, was obviously confused by Banks' remark.

"Did I just get smashed on twitter because I was supporting a fellow female? I sure did... *confused*," she expressed on the social networking site. "Come on you mad because I retweeted your link? Because I like your music? Pffff get outta here! Not a fan anymore."

Though Banks has since promised to "no longer react to any shade thrown my way," fans and critics have gotten a taste of the New York City representative's bold behavior, which is most certainly demonstrated in her music. Banks will serve eager listeners with her brand of raps when she heads to the lauded Coachella Music & Arts Festival in April. Besides that accomplishment in the bag, she was recently touted by Kanye West -- she's one of the five people he follows on Twitter -- as the "future of music."

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