Not too many rappers are keen on using their government name when it comes to their music, but King Mez is a different kind of artist. The rising rhymer from North Carolina has an entire song dedicated to the moniker his mom gave him.

Before he was known as Dr. Dre's go-to writer on Compton, Mez expressed his innermost thoughts on the introspective ode "Morris," a song he produced for his 2014 mixtape, Long Live the King. "Not too many know Morris," he delivers on the hazy production. "If my favorite artist asked me, 'What you want: a car or house?' / Hold that; just give me the inspiration you had starting out."

The MC, who impressed rap fans in the cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this month, was inspired to write the song from a personal perspective as he put pen to paper. "Morris is my first name, so it makes sense to elaborate. The record, I just started writing. I began writing and it just made sense," the 25-year old tells The Boombox. "It felt like I had an opportunity to tell people exactly what I was thinking all the time, these are the components that make me up. As I wrote the song, I eventually realized that this should be my name, I should name it my name because it embodies me so much."

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