King Gordy was shot five times in Detroit on Tuesday (Feb. 5) during an attempted robbery, according to various reports. While details are presently scant, it's believed that Gordy survived the shooting.

The 35-year-old rapper appeared in Eminem's film, 8 Mile, back in 2002, and has been a fixture in Detroit's underground rap scene since the late 90s, collaborating with a laundry list of Motown MCs.

"King gordy.. get well my nigga.. I'm praying for u... I'm on way back know to the d," former D12 group member Bizarre tweeted on Tuesday.

Gordy recently paired with Bizarre for the latter's video for "Justin Bieber," a hilarious stan-like ode to the coiffed singer.

Gun violence continues to plague the hip-hop community. Get well, King Gordy.

Watch Bizarre's "Justin Bieber" featuring King Gordy Video

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