Kim Kardashian has arrived back in New York safe and sound after enduring a horrible ordeal in Paris early Monday morning (Oct. 3). As you may know, Kim was tied up and robbed of $10 million in jewelry by armed masked men.

According to reports, five men in ski masks and police jacket bursted into the celebutant’s room at the No Address Hotel, bound Kim’s hands and feet with tape, and locked her in the bathroom before escaping with a box that had an estimated $6.7 million in jewelry and a ring worth $4 million. Her purse, two cell phones and cash were also taken.

Kim’s husband, Kanye West, abruptly ended his show at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival and rushed to his wife’s aid.

On Monday afternoon (Oct. 3), Kim and Kanye arrived together at their New York apartment with a large amount of security that would rival President Obama's secret service detail. The couple hasn't publicly addressed the incident but from the looks on their faces they are, understandably, very upset about it.

The New York Post is reporting that the robbery actually took place at their family home in Paris. Apparently, West has owned a room at the luxury Hotel de Pourtalès (aka No Address Hotel) for several years and was the place the couple spent before their 2014 wedding.

“It’s their home,” an insider told the newspaper. The source also speculates that the robbery could have been an inside job because it "was so well-planned out" and the robbers knew what rooms to hit during the heist.

Paris police have no suspects and have not commented on the robbery as the investigation is still ongoing.

We are glad that Kim Kardashian is back in New York safe and is surrounded by her family. Hopefully, the police can figure out who committed this dastardly deed.