We've been hearing about the sassy, Chicago bred MC Kid Sister for awhile now -- dating back 2007, when she released 'Pro Nails,' which featured Kanye West. Her debut LP was supposed to drop last fall -- she turned it in and even sent out copies to the press. But something wasn't just right. Now, we can confirm that what was supposed to be called 'Dream Date' has become 'Ultraviolet' and will hit retailers on October 6.

And it would appear that she definitely wasn't happy with her first attempt. What was originally at 14 tracks, is now down to 12, with five new ones that were never on 'Dream Date.' 'Pro Nails,' 'Step' (featuring Estelle) and 'Switch Board' are retained from the old days of two years ago, but the skits were cut along with 'Family Reunion' that featured David Banner. A-Trak takes a lot of the production duties, with 'Ultraviolet' promising to merge "electronic music and club rap in ways that have never been done before." Quite the tall order. 'Right Hand Hi' will be the new single.

Hyperbole aside, we can attest that from what we heard of 'Dream Date,' she clearly is adept at making a ridiculously catchy tune- reminiscent of the days you might have spent watching girls practicing double dutch or cruising a strip with the top down. In a recent interview, Sis has said that "sometimes you just gotta let it marinate. I need to make something I'm proud of. So don't hate! We're doing it as fast as we can. In the meantime, let's tell knock-knock jokes on Twitter."