Christopher "Kid" Reid of Kid 'n Play and awesome hi-top fade fame has a new improved hustle: hawking 2-for-1 suits on television. Yes, this is real. Also, yes, this is simultaneously the funniest and most pathetic thing in a minute.

"I'm here to tell you something," explains the self-proclaimed actor and stand-up comedian. "It's not always about that hip-hop house party stuff. Sometimes you gotta get clean. You're trying to take your lady out, take your mother out, one of your homeboys got shot...You got things to do, and you can't wear shorts and flip-flops."

Besides that homeboy line falling somewhere between a collar-tugging joke and just plain atrocious, the bit is simply so bad it's sort of amazing. Also, who is wearing shorts and flip-flops on a date? Come on, Kid, keep it reasonable at least.

"Come in looking like a bum, and leave looking like me," he offers and then points off camera. "Oh yeah, excuse me, I got women over there. Don't hate!"

Sorry, Mr. Reid. In one minute, you've given us at least a day's worth of material to hate on. Good work, though.

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