Kid CudiWith the success of his debut album, 'Man On the Moon: The End Of Day' and his recent collaborations with Kanye West and Jay-Z, on their respective albums, Cleveland native Kid Cudi is riding a wave of success. But now, the lonely stoner is catching flak from his former manager Sydney MacDonald, from EMI Productions who claims that he's received no credit for the success story he helped to create.

After circulating a press release titled "Kid Cudi Caught Cheating: Exposing His Secret Relationship With Former Manager," MacDonald told his story to HipHopWired, explaining that although he was responsible for setting up the preliminary meeting with Kanye's camp that landed Cudi in his current position, he has been left in the dust.

"I managed Cudi for two years. To cut to the chase I got him his first production deal and I also managed him as far as giving him thousands of dollars from my company and he kept that a major secret from everyone up until he signed with Kanye West," he said. "I tried to keep quiet about it but I noticed how when he released his album, basically the whole theme including a number of songs was basically about his struggle about being an up and coming artist and not having no one in his corner, that was just a slap in the face. It was very offensive. "

If it's any consolation to Cudi, MacDonald seems to harbor most of his vengeance against his former client's new mentor, Kanye. The angry ex-manager blames Kanye for Cudi's decision to keep mum about his past affiliation, citing Kanye's VMA stunt as the perfect example of his selfishness.

"It's reminiscent to how Kanye West actually overshadowed Taylor Swift at the VMAs," he said, "Every time someone deserves their shine it seems like someone from their camp is always looking to outshine them in some sort of way." In addition to his cry for recognition, MacDonald briefly mentioned the issue of past-due management fees that he hopes to collect, but still maintained that more than anything he's just seeking a little bit of respect.