On Friday (May 28), the G.O.O.D. Music camp finally opened up their vaults and treated anxious fans to a preview of some of their new material. Kanye West's single 'Power' from his upcoming album 'Good Ass Job' hit the web, followed by some fresh rhymes from his protege Kid Cudi.

The Cleveland-born rapper premiered the brand new track 'All Talk' which features fellow hometown emcee, Chip Tha Ripper. The upbeat sample of LCD Soundsystem's 'Dance Yrself Clean' opens with a quick splice of Christian Bale's infamous 2009, profanity-riddled rant, which was captured on the set of his movie 'Terminator Salvation.' After the intro, Cudi flows into his usual musings about the pitfalls of fame, courtesy of Mr. Rager, the star of his upcoming album 'Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.'

But despite Mr. Rager's appearance on the new song, Cudi took to his blog to explain that the single isn't currently attached to his upcoming album. "This was an idea I had that me and Chip decided to do for fun. As of right now its not on anything, we just recorded it and put it out just for the f--- of it," Cudi explained. "It'll be awhile till MOTM2 (still gunnin' for Aug release or Sept), so I might keep releasing some fun joints here and there. I'll keep you all posted faaashow."

Cudi settled on the current title for his new album, after previously considering 'Cudder,' and 'Cudder and the Revolution of Evolution.' The introspective rapper promises that 'Man on The Moon II' will be his darkest work yet.