At a time when the lines separating music genres are increasingly being blurred we've witnessed some unlikely collaborations. But did anyone ever think R&B singer-songwriter Kevin McCall and shock rock star Marilyn Manson would team up in the studio?

ThisisRnB recently spoke to McCall on the BMI Awards red carpet, where he described the strange collabo as "Rock & Soul," music that mixes the genres of R&B and rock. Even stranger, McCall met Manson through trap rapper Gucci Mane.

Working with the heavy metal icon is something McCall hopes will shed light on his own artistry. "I'm just trying to make people aware of what I do. A lot of people thought I was a rapper because of [Chris Brown's] 'Deuces,' but it wasn’t that, it was because I was a songwriter. After Tyga and Chris’s verse it’s only a rap verse left, so I had to rap. But I'm really trying to let people know I'm a singer. I love to sing."

Watch a teaser clip of the two in the studio below: