There's a lot going on in Kesington Kross' new video for 'Gimme Your Love.' The singer and his band play in a dimly lit warehouse while wearing dystopian punk clothing. A keyboardist wears a mime-like mask. Another man dies while his lover mourns over him.

It's all a bit chaotic, but at the center of it is Kross, who's signed to Epic Records, finding love. She's literally the sunshine to his life as most of their scenes occur in the daytime as opposed to the urban nighttime backdrop of most of the performance. "She make me wanna say, 'Oh,'" Kross sings as he frolics with his girlfriend. It's Prince-like dramatics and Miguel-like suave all in one.

Although there's no word on when Kross' debut album will arrive, for now 'Gimme Your Love' is a good holdover. The single is available on iTunes. His EP, 'Audio Justice,' debuted at the close of 2013.