Twenty three-year-old rap newcomer Kendrick Lamar has received several huge breaks in his career, appearing on the cover of XXL's 2011 Freshman Class cover, going on the road with Tech N9ne and Black Hippy groupmate Jay Rock, and planning a mixtape with J.Cole. Recently, he achieved hip-hop's greatest co-sign: an endorsement by Dr. Dre.

The legendary producer has shown quite an interest in Lamar's career, dropping his name in radio interviews, appearing in the attendance at his shows, and most importantly, promising him a highly coveted spot on his long-awaited 'Detox.'

"I didn't want no work yet. That's the crazy part -- I didn't," Lamar told MTV, of his burgeoning relationship with his revered mentor. "I wanted to save that [Dre collaboration] for something bigger ... Bigger would be 'Detox.' My first [collaboration], me and Dre, I want them to hear it on 'Detox."

Lamar, who is currently hard at work on his highly-anticipated debut, 'Section 80,' explained that he and Dre relate because they both grew up in Compton, Calif., but avoided the gang lifestyle to which many of their friends fell victim.

"As far as the music, we got a chemistry that's unmatched to me. Alongside with the music, we just talk about stuff, just talk about life in general," Lamar continued. "I think that's why we clash together so perfect, because he sees a good kid in a bad city the same way he grew up. So we can talk about certain situations that he never talked about. I think right there alone, it's a blessing to me -- for a personal relationship with him, not just the music."

Though the talented young rapper sidestepped his rumored signing with Dre's Aftermath Records, saying only that it's "been in the air," he did confirm his appearance on Dre's 'Detox,' with incredible confidence.

"I'm confirmed a few times," he told MTV.

Watch Kendrick Lamar's 'Cut You Off'

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