Celebrities often make headlines for failing to pay their income taxes and earlier this year we found out that Nas' ex-wife and former Star Trak songstress Kelis had the misfortune of being one of the celebs in heavy debt to the tax man.

Kelis reportedly owed more than $700,000 in back taxes to the states of New York and California as of June but now we've learned that the eclectic singer is nearly $400,000 closer to tax debt freedom. According to TMZ, the "IRS filed three separate federal tax lien releases last month, noting Kelis paid off all her entire federal tax debt ..." in the amount of $391,967.36.

While the 33-year-old performer is making some headway with the government's financial sector, she still owes approximately $300,000 in the two states. To avoid accruing additional interest on her leftover debt, Kelis will have to work to pay off her remaining balance at a fast pace if she doesn't want her final payment to increase.

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