Kelis wants more child support money from Nas.

In what has been years of on and off legal drama, Kelis has now filed documents requesting more monthly child support from the rapper, saying that the $8,000 per month he's been giving isn't cutting it any more, according to TMZ.

According to docs, Kelis says their now eight-year-old son, Knight Jones, has different needs than he did back when the original order was put into place five years ago, and also, Nas is doing much better financially now.

The documents are specific in terms of the increase the singer is seeking but she'd like 50 percent of school-related costs, child care and unreimbursed healthcare to be covered.

This is just the latest news in the ongoing drama between Nas and Kelis. Late last year, Nas submitted court documents seeking more time with his son, describing Kelis as “hostile” when it comes to sharing custody of their child.

As of now, a judge has yet to rule on her child support request.

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