Katt WilliamsComedian/rapper Katt Williams was released on $41,150 bond Monday afternoon, after being arrested for burglary and criminal trespassing outside of Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday (Nov. 8). Reports claimed that Williams broke into a Newman, Georgia home with a crowbar, and stole $3,555 worth of jewelry and collectibles, before being apprehended.

The comedian's lawyer has stated that the entire incident was a fabrication, made up by an employee of film producer Barry Hankerson's. Williams had been staying at the producer's home while shooting a movie in the Atlanta area and had "full permission," according to Williams' lawyer, to be on the premesis. The lawyer contests that Williams got into a dispute with one of Hankerson's employees, who was also staying on the property in the guesthouse. The employee then retaliated by making up the robbery story.

A recording of the 911 call made by Daniel Broach, the 17-year-old Williams was holding against his will at the suburban Atlanta residence, has since appeared on the net. In the call, Broach claims that Williams "threatened to beat me up," and refused to leave his house, though he was unsure whether the comedian was armed.

Williams has a history of legal trouble and was evaluated by a psych ward in South Carolina last year, after several incidents with local authorities.

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