Kat Dahlia flexes her vocal chops with a cover of A Great Big World's 'Say Something.'

The piano-driven ballad is a big change from Dahlia's previous releases like 'Gangsta' and 'Fireman,' which find the 23-year-old performing in a sing-songy, but aggressive manner. This one is more emotive; her voice can be heard trembling as the song reaches its climax.

Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice,' because of her love for the song.

The Miami singer's last big appearance was on the greatest album ever, DJ Khaled's 'Suffering From Success.' Of course, that title is claimed by DJ Khaled himself, but that's still something to put on the resume. Dahlia appeared on the deluxe edition's bonus track, 'Helen Keller.'

Currently, Dahlia is preparing her debut album, 'My Garden,' for a release in early 2014.