Kat Dahlia doesn't beat around the bush. Songs like her gritty piano-driven ballad 'Gangsta' and the candid gem 'Crazy' are proof enough that she has no problem getting straight to the point. When the Miami songstress got involved in The Boombox Twitter Takeover, she stuck to the script, answering fans' questions in frank fashion.

The singer, whose debut album, 'My Garden,' arrives in January 2015, answered a wealth of topics from marriage proposals to her favorite song at the moment. Then there was a specific question regarding her 'Gangsta' lyrics, "But I know the difference between a man and a herb." Does she really know what separates the two? According to the 24-year-old, there's a specific New York rapper who comes to mind when making the distinction.

Check out Kat Dahlia's Twitter Takeover below.

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