For the last month Kanye West’s polarizing tweets have been the talk of social media. The folks at CBS’ The Late Late Show decided to poke fun at Yeezy’s philosophical sayings in a funny skit.

Recreating HBO’s hit drama Westworld, Late Late Show host James Corden is thrust into an imaginary place called “Kanye Westworld” where everyone answers a question by reciting Kanye West’s tweets.

In one moment, Corden asks the bartender for a shot of whiskey to which the barkeep replies, “Let’s be like water.” That quote is in reference to West’s April 25 tweet.

In another scene, a barmaid walks up to him and says, “love is the most powerful force in the universe.” Another person in the skit tells Corden. “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed,” which is in reference to West announcing his split from former manager Scooter Braun.

The highlight of the skit comes when actor Jimmi Simpson, who plays William on Westworld, shows up to give Corden some advice and deliver the big reveal.

Coincidentally, the skit arrived just days after Westworld featured a piano cover of West’s 2010 song “Runaway” from his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Westworld airs every Sundays on HBO at 9PM.

For your enjoyment, we posted several of Kanye West's latest philosophical tweets below.

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