Since Comedy Central's 'South Park' cartoonized Kanye West last year, then photoshopped images of the rapper "interrupting" hit the Internet several months later, not many spoofs have come about poking fun at his antics. However, as a result of Ye's sudden emergence on Twitter, a musical comedy duo from Philadelphia have crafted a hilarious juxtaposition to incite laughter based on the Chi-town emcee's tweets.

Paul Sabourin, one half of the musical comedy duo Paul and Storm, is the brainchild behind merging Kanye's tweets with satirical cartoons from 'The New Yorker' magazine. The idea came to the musician in the early hours of the morning. "The simple explanation: it just struck me as funny at 3 a.m.," Paul said in an interview. "Luckily, unlike most 3 a.m. inspirations, this one actually seems to hold up."

With the help of Storm and Twitter friend Josh Cagan, Paul was able to launch the mash-up. Fans of West unfamiliar with 'The New Yorker's" signature cartoon series will utter a few laughs after seeing what the trio came up. For example, after West tweeted "We lookin' crazy fresh where's the paparazzi when you need em [sic]," Paul, Storm and Josh combined the statement with a cartoon from the magazine, which shows two squirrels perched on a tree branch, involved in a seemingly serious conversation.

When asked why the artist decided to use the 'Power' creator's ramblings, Sabourin was quite honest. "I actually quite enjoy [Kanye's] tweets," he said. "They're completely un-self-conscious and 'pure,' so to speak. In a way, I find Kanye to be a great metaphor for America: Incredible talent, nearly completely obscured by naked ambition, rampant consumerism and unbridled ego."

To view more of the Kanye/'New Yorker' mash-ups, click here.

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