We may not be hearing much from Kanye West these days, but we will soon be able to read more about him. His third book, 'Through the Wire,' will be published November 10 by Simon & Schuster's Atria imprint.

In true West fashion the book will be about (what else?) Kanye West, taking a look at a dozen of his songs released since his 2003 debut album 'College Dropout.'

"'Through the Wire' is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of 12 Kanye West songs to tell his story," according to a description from Simon & Schuster. "From his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at The Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become."

"[Oscar winning animator, Bill] Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of Kanye's world," the description continues. "The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level."

In other news, 'We Were Once a Fairytale,' a short film West made with director Spike Jonze, also hit the 'net this week. Although it has since been removed, some got to see the the Grammy winner dancing while intoxicated, vomiting paper, and stabbing himself with a sword only to pull what is believed to be a demon out of his stomach during the 11-minute film.

Uncharacteristically, Kanye has been keeping quiet in the wake of backlash from the Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. He's said to be contemplating spending some time at a religious retreat in India.