Long before Amber Rose amped up her notoriety by appearing on the arm of Kanye West, there was another woman who held his heart: Alexis Phifer. The fashion designer was once engaged to West and although their break-up became the inspiration for his '808's and Heartbreaks' album, Phifer has remained quiet about their relationship, until now.

In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Phifer broke down what her life is like post-Kanye, why she hasn't sought to cash-in on her high-profile relationship and how she feels about Rose taking a not so subtle shot at her.

Phifer, who is now a mother, told the magazine that although being linked to Kanye had its perks, she likes floating under the radar. "I think after experiencing being with somebody that is a celebrity, it's really nice to have your anonymity," she said. "I'm a mom so I would much rather be able to be out with my son and have nobody recognize me. I really think that's a cool thing as opposed to doing red carpets or something like that, but only if it's really pertaining to my line because that's what I'm trying to sell... I'm not really trying to sell myself."

Unlike Rose, who has vented about her two-year relationship with West via Twitter and to the media, Phifer has no intentions of getting involved in any mudslinging, revealing that she has been approached to do reality shows but has turned them down.

Phifer also addressed comments that Rose made stating that her level of fame -- or lack thereof -- is no comparison to the bald beauty. "I believe that you get what you want out of a situation and Kanye will tell you, that I didn't [want that attention]," Phifer explained. "It's weird. I'll get on the red carpet and over-criticize myself. I don't want that attention. She wanted that and that's what she got out of it. But if I want to go to King magazine right now and be in a sexy bathing suit, I'm sure I'd generate some type of interest. It's just the decisions you make that put you where you are. She is where she's at because that's where she wants to be and I'm where I'm at because that's where I want to be also. I was kind of like, 'Girl, please.' I just laughed that off, brushed that one right off my shoulders. She doesn't really know what she's saying, so I can't even be mad at her. She doesn't even know the half."

West and Phifer ended their six-year relationship in 2008, soon after West dropped the song 'Heartless,' which some speculated was an attack on Phifer. The couple began dating in 2002, and got engaged in 2006. Although they never revealed the cause of the break-up, sources claim that it was due to West's burgeoning career. At the time of their split, Phifer noted that she and the Louis Vuitton Don would "remain friends."

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