Just days after being accused of stealing the concept for his 'All of the Lights' video from a French film, Kanye West continues to run into opposition as an epilepsy group accuses the work can causes seizures.

According to the U.K. organization, Epilepsy Action, watching the video, which features bright flashing lights may be dangerous for those suffering from the nerve disorder. "We are deeply concerned that this video may be harmful to some people with photosensitive epilepsy," said spokesperson Aimee Gee. "We are doing all we can to warn people who may be affected not to watch it ... we feel it is unfortunately very likely that people may have already been affected." The company contacted representatives for West, as well as YouTube, which removed the video. The video has also been taken down from the Chicago emcee's website. Prior to the concerns, the video received 5 million hits on the video streaming site.

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West is having a bad week. His recent tweets about abortion have put him in the headlines this morning. And, as previously reported, French director Gaspar Noe's accused the Grammy winner of ripping of the concept for his film 'Enter the Void,' which was released in 2009. West's video -- which is directed by Hype Williams -- has been lauded by critics for its clear similarities to the film, which may or may not have been just a coincidence since both West and Noe have similar interests, both working with Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter.

Last weekend the rapper surprised audiences during the NBA All-Star Game, performing 'All of the Lights' with Rihanna.

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