Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe has been a journey, to say the least. We've seen him scream at Hedi Slimane, declare Rap the new Rock 'n' Roll (and he's the biggest rockstar of all of them, obviously) and illustrate his frustrations with the fashion industry using a beautiful 'Truman Show' metaphor.

In the fourth and final segment of his hour-long conversation with the BBC Radio 1 DJ, Kanye took some time to talk about the people who've helped him on his path to becoming the almighty Yeezus. First and foremost, the G.O.O.D. Music mogul recognized that he wouldn't have made it this far had it not been for the watchful eye (and Roc-A-Fella chain) of Jay Z.

Ye also spoke on the communal spirit of the 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' sessions out in Hawaii. From having breakfast with Rick Ross to playing ball with Nas and Common, it was all about sharing ideas and "sowing that fabric so tight," which, like we also saw on 'Yeezus,' is exactly how he prefers to make music these days.

Sounding dangerously like a crazed conspiracy theorist, Mr. West then gave a poetic speech about the media's chokehold on society, which he concludes, "Somebody’s trying to set me up, somebody’s trying to shut me up." Not before he outlaws the paparazzi, though -- plans which he later announced.

Before discussing the inspiration behind 'Black Skinhead,' detailing the pressures of being a celebrity and explaining why he's a "visionary," Kanye shared his two cents on the name on everyone's lips: Kendrick Lamar (whom he'll be touring with this fall):

I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to speak to this brother as much as possible. Those conversations is gonna be more than everything I even said right here. He’s one of our future messengers, and I’m gonna give him them jewels.