Like Eminem said in the song 'Lose Yourself,' you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. That's exactly what a young man did in New York City when he approached Kanye West in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, as the rapper was heading home with his other half Kim Kardashian.

While the celebrity couple was strolling down the street, the aspiring MC told West that he and a friend approached him about music in the past, but was shot down for not being good enough. Those words inspired him to work on his craft and perfect his skills. He chose to spit a verse for the superstar right then and there. And shockingly, West allows the young man to have his moment.

However, due to the street noise, it's hard to hear his rhymes. He did display a pretty decent cadence and showed a lot of confidence by walking up to West and spitting for him right on the spot.

After his verse was done, the 'New Slaves' rhymer waited around until the last word was uttered and said "That sounded good. I'm about to get some sleep." Then he gave the guy a friendly pound and walked into his building.