This year has been the year of 'Yeezus' (which is perhaps the only album ever to feature God) and the Kanye West interview. The latter has been pretty interesting because West has shown two sides in his interviews: the overly aggressive one heard on the Zane Lowe interview and the much more approachable one seen on the 'Kris Jenner Show' and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

West may have given some insight on why is this the case, as well as why Jesus came along on the Yeezus tour, during an interview with WiLD 94.9's 'The JV Show' in San Francisco.

West explains that he has to give the "white voice" in certain situations because of classist undertones.

"Even when you're in certain magazines, it's still like a dinner for Schmucks situation," West says. "Are they inviting you to be a part of your situation, or are they inviting you to laugh at your tooth. We have our thing that every time we do it, we give them the "white" voice."

The idea of classism was something he's previously touched on in the Jimmy Kimmel interview, where he cites this as a reason for being denied opportunity as a rapper.

The G.O.O.D. Music leader's inclusion of a Jesus look-alike at his Yeezus tour-opening in Seattle was another talking point. Granted, this isn't too far-fetched coming from West since he does say he's "trying to stack these millions" on the 'Yeezus' cut 'I Am A God." Still, he gives an explanation about why Jesus is part of the performance, explaining that doing so wasn't that ridiculous.

"What's awesome about Christianity is that we're able to portray God," West says. "We're allowed to draw an image of him. We're allowed to make movies about him. In other religions, you're not allowed to do that."

In the Seattle performance, West humorously greeted the impersonator as "White Jesus" during an exchange that led to the performance of 'Jesus Walks.' The 'Yeezus' MC states that there's a purpose to the exchange.

"One of the things that I wanted to really get across with that, is that you can have a relationship with Jesus, you can talk to Jesus," he says. "In the same way someone would have a 'Jesus is my Homeboy' [T-shirt], this is the way I would express it."

'The JV Show' interview capped off a night that saw West finally proposing to Kim Kardashian. He's scheduled to continue his tour tonight at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.

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