Kanye West is not done trolling his fans. On Wednesday (Feb. 3), the rapper-producer went to his Twitter account to unveil a Rolling Stone cover, shot by Tyler, the Creator, of him smiling with the caption, “Does He Like Mustard?” The photo went viral and fooled the media and fans into thinking that he was going to be featured on the popular music magazine.

Unfortunately, the cover was fake.

Rolling Stone later replied to confirm that the cover was indeed fake but did add that they were interested in asking him about his favorite condiment. “While we love Kanye, and have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone,” they tweeted.

West quickly responded by predicting that the photo will become a Rolling Stone cover and asked the fans to take a poll if they think it’s a great cover shot.

The G.O.O.D. Music leader also took a swipe at Billboard who broke the story on the "fake" cover tweeting, "Aye Billboard you could use the term “unauthorized" but never refer to anything that me and Tyler do as fake out of respect to musicians..."

Jokes aside, we think that Rolling Stone will most likely have Yeezy on the cover after his project is released. Kanye has appeared on the publication's cover twice -- the first time was in 2006, where he was depicted as Jesus Christ, and in 2007 with 50 Cent.

We must admit that we are happy to see Kanye tweeting up a storm and getting fans psyched for his upcoming new album, Waves. As long as he's not throwing any women and children under the bus, this is a good look for the "No More Parties In LA" rapper.

Kanye West's seventh solo effort, Waves, is due to hit arrive on Feb. 11.

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