Kanye West is learning what comes with livin' in the 21st century the hard way. While Yeezy cruised the East Coast yesterday, turning up to support Lebron James at his live press conference in Greenwich, Conn. and visiting Lil Wayne at Rikers Island in New York, the tracklist of his forthcoming album was leaked. Through unknown means, hackers have obtained a screen shot of a computer desktop open to West's much-anticipated 'Good Ass Job' record -- an act that implies someone outside of Ye's camp now has a copy of the album and a leak could come in the following days.

The file name on the tracklist is "Record for Hype," which numerous sources indicate is actually famed hip-hop director Hype Williams. This is obviously a major security breach and a leaked record could have potentially large ramifications on how artists treat the transfer of their work in the future. Oddly, Kanye is one of the most careful recording artists around, so the early peak at a tracklist comes as a rather large surprise.

In other Ye news, Nah Right has also revealed that 'Good Ass Job' is currently just a codename for the record. They claim there is another title already in place, but it hasn't officially been announced to the public yet. It's worth noting that for all the speculation about West's new work, he has yet to publicly comment on anything other than his recent comeback single 'Power.'

Here's the full tracklist, which is currently missing production credits. The record is set to drop on September 14.

1. Hell of a Life

2. Dark Fantasy

3. Power

4. Chain Heavy

5. Ghetto University

6. That's My Bitch

7. Runaway

8. Lost in the World

9. Gorgeous

10. Monster

11. Holding Me Back

12. Devil in a New Dress

13. The Joy

14. So Appalled

15. Blame Game

16. Sweat on My Face

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