It's not G.O.O.D. Friday just yet, but a new Kanye West track has still found its way to the 'Net. The song 'Lost in the World,' leaked online Wednesday (September 29) becoming the third single off West's upcoming album 'Dark Twisted Fantasy.'

The up-tempo track, which samples 'Woods' by indie folk band Bon Iver and audio from Gil Scott-Heron's spoken word piece 'Comment #1,' finds West paralleling the dichotomy of living within two worlds. Using a hodgepodge of auto-tuned vocals and a persistent drum beat, 'Lost in the World,' is a lyrical departure from some of the previous tracks the 33-year-old has released, by holding an underlining political commentary, by way of Heron's clips, which provide an examination on social revolution as it relates to survival in America.

"You're my devil, you're my angel," he raps in the middle of the six-minute track. "You're my heaven, you're my hell/ You're my now, you're my forever/ You're my freedom, you're my jail/ You're my lies, you're my truth/ You're my war, you're my truce/ You're my questions, you're my proof/ You're my stress, you're my masseuse."

Yeezy has been dropping tons of new music these days -- all in preparation for the release of 'Dark Twisted Fantasy,' due November 23. However judging by his latest Twitter post, West can't seem to settle on a date or an official title. In the meantime music lovers can look forward to feasting on more servings of Ye's new music every week.