Earlier this year, Kanye West was rumored to have applied for a Masters degree in fashion at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, one of the world's foremost fashion institutions.

While spokespeople denied the reports, hinting that he had visited about a "separate issue" back in May, it has now been revealed that the Chicago MC-producer was, in fact, consulting a Central St. Martins professor for advice about his new womenswear line with British designer Louise Goldin.

"I have known Kanye for about two years," Louise Wilson, course director of the MA Fashion at CSM told Vogue UK. "He is very knowledgeable about fashion and interested -- he is also interesting, he has an individual point of view. He has visited the college twice -- most recently about employing interns to work on a variety of projects."

Wilson continued to explain that Kanye's collaboration with Goldin, a former student of hers, could be quite successful, due in part to his work ethic and commitment to fashion.

"I think we can expect a well-considered collection, you wouldn't expect less from a pair of professionals and I warn against dismissing it in haste," Wilson said. "There are those who might assume Louise will be doing all the work and Kanye is just the face, I don't believe this will be the case -- he researches thoroughly and is hands on and committed to his work."

The ready-to-wear label is expected to be a luxury line, predominantly focused on womenswear, and will likely be launching at the upcoming New York fashion week.

Kanye previously founded now-defunct streetwear label Pastelle in 2008, but the line never reached shelves.

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