Following the release of "Ye v.s. The People," in which Kanye West debates T.I. about his pro-Trump stance and his tolerance for alt-right figures, he's shared a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the song.

The video shows Tip and Kanye in his office studio, which is filled with a lot of people.  Here are a few things we learned after watching the short clip.

1. Tip, looks a little... bothered? Uncomfortable? Annoyed? Confused? That could just be projecting but he's definitely not quite as chipper as Kanye seems to be. He calmly says one of the lines from the first verse: "Some shit you don't align with and some shit you just don't go against," when prompted by an eager Kanye. The difference in their countenance is pretty undeniable.

*Update: You can watch a debate between Tip and Ye here where Kanye admits he doesn't necessarily agree with what a lot of Trump does. Tip asks what he does agree with and Kanye's doesn't really have much an answer. "Just the ability to do what no one said you could do. To do the impossible," he responds.

2. Kanye is really excited about whatever it is he's doing, or whatever message it is that he believes he's imparting. There's no denying that—even if his "free love" and "free thinking" philosophy seems to be nothing more than normalizing oppression at the expense of the oppressed.

3. People hanging out in office studios enjoy playing chess. At one point, there's a chess game going down in the studio and it's all very... well, this entire Kanye's Return thing is so much, on so many levels.

At any rate, watch the behind the scenes footage over on Kanye's website here.


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