The annual Austin, Texas music conference known as SXSW is infamous for its surprise concerts, and each year rumors abound regarding potential secret shows and surprise on-stage collaborations.

This year's big rumor is that Kanye West will be playing the festival, and a new video link -- tweeted by the established @SXSWPartyList earlier today -- supports this theory, though details are still sketchy.

The 30-second video has been uploaded by a newly created account, 1981HillHenry, and has been cryptically-titled only 'Power Station.'

The clip begins with the following flyover text, "March 19, Midnight, Vevo Power Station, Austin, Texas," which is then followed by the unmistakeable opening notes of West's 'Runaway' single from his latest album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' the sound of a cheering crowd, and a brief flash of lights.

Abstruse as the clip may be, it seems highly unlikely that VEVO, the music video website which hosts all of Kanye's officially licensed music videos, could be hinting at anything short of a live event at midnight in Austin. Perhaps at the Seaholm Power Plant? Let us know what you think, and let the rumors fly.

'Power Station'