Looks like everything Kanye West touches doesn't turn to gold. After opening up a Fatburger chain in Chicago two years ago, the rapper is officially shutting one of the fast food joint's doors.

In 2008, West, through his company KW Foods, LLC, opened the California-based restaurant to much delight from fans and burger enthusiasts everywhere. The food company was approved to develop 10 Fatburger locations in and around the Chicago area. The 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' creator built one in the city's Beverly section and another in Orland Park, the latter now being closed down.

"It's unfortunate, but we hope to have a presence in Orland Park again in the future," James Newell, Fatburger's director of operations stated. Newell cited the store's financial performance as the reason for its doors being shut.

While the 'H.A.M.' rhymer seems to be unlucky in the restaurant business, his music career is ever-skyrocketing. West sold 496,000 units of his fifth studio album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' in its first week of release last December. Now, hip-hop's most criticized entertainer is readying his joint effort with Jay-Z, 'Watch the Throne,' which West says he'll serve to fans in two months, and his sixth album is on deck for release this summer.

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